About Us

IntelCrawler is a cyber threat intelligence firm from Los Angeles, California, which helps connect the dots between verified cyber intelligence information and emerging threats against specific enterprises using aggregated and analyzed large volumes of Big Data. It acts as a multi-tier intelligence aggregator, which gathers information and cyber prints from a starting big data pool of over 3, 000, 000, 000 IPv4 and over 200, 000, 000 domain names, which are scanned for analytics and dissemination to drill down to a desired result. This finite pool of cyber prints is then narrowed further by comparing it to various databases and forum intelligence gathered from the underground and networked security company contacts. The final result could be the location of a particular keyboard or a computer housing the threat.

Data Analytics as a Service

You can use a global query search feature for unique cyber prints across multiple databases to discover patterns, correlate information, monitor new threats, and find and identify bad actors targeting critical assets of your business.

Secure Access to unique Big Data

The engine provides immediate secure and appropriate access to cyber intelligence data from anywhere at any time. It is delivered in a secure format to vetted customers.

Enterprise Security and Intelligence

To supplement our comparable intelligence pool, we monitor suspicious, malicious, phishing and fraudulent activity in order to prevent cyber-attacks and potential risks for your business.

National Security and Public Safety

Hacktivism, Illicit Drug trade, Cyber Attacks, Human Trafficking, Money Laundering, and other areas - could have a set of predictive probabilities by analyzing huge volumes of data in virtual space and narrowing the common denominator IPs and other cyber prints.